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This blog is not against interracial relationships. It is against fetishization. Fetishization does not equal love.



Write-up was straight to the point, good insight. I always want to know the perspective of afrodescendants on these various topics because it’s always 58303 times worse, especially if we’re talking about Afrodescendant women. 

Bess this article!!!

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I’m noticing a trend.

did y’all forget about



Oh yes, that grand fantasy where POC (mainly black people) allow that one special “down ass” white person to become a part of the clique.

Poc as pets and props 101 

this is what I was talking about yesterday when I was hollerin bout the fetishization of black bodies in white culture

black bodies exist as pieces

black bodies are sex and servitude and spirituality and swag to be dissected and consumed

the mere general proximity of a black body to a white one conveys to the viewer that the white actor has some sort of ability to transverse cultural lines


Let’s not forget fashion’s use of PoC props to contrast how Glamorous the white person is compared to the poor PoC


Asker Anonymous Asks:
are any of the mods Japanese? I'm so mad about the Avril Lavigne thing but I am a bit bugged by the implication in that last post about how those in the Japanese music industry can't control working with a racist. many Japanese businessmen - those in power - know that they can capitulate on the fetishization of our culture by working with people like Avril. the directors may have no say but I think it needs to be said that it's gotten so bad that our own damn country is doing it
fucknofetishization fucknofetishization Said:

I didn’t say or imply that no one had control over anything, like in that last post one of the mods reblogged, one could easily say no, and they would’ve been like ok whatever and found someone else who was willing to do it. That doesn’t make it right, but it happens. And sometimes people do excuse appropriation to make a buck. -e

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I like how you continue to ignore the fact that she is a very popular artist in Asia in your quest to be outraged. I don't like Avril, but I'm not going to argue with printed fact that she has a very strong presence and audience. I don't get how pointing this out is 'speaking for all Japanese people'. Clearly they spoke for themselves. Does that mean everyone in Japan likes her? No. Of course not. I don't know why I argue with you Sallies, you don't want reason, you want to be offended.
fucknofetishization fucknofetishization Said:

Then why the fuck are you here? No one is looking to be offended, how ridiculous is that? No one wants to be offended ever, how is pointing something out offensive looking to be offended? You anons are ridiculous, get a hobby and stop bitching and defending someone with a dying career behind anon, seriously. -e


So these tweets are actually real.

I really like how she tries to defend herself by stating how much she loooveees Japanese culture

"You guys I did this with Japanese people it’s cool"

"I go to Japan like so much ok I know the culture"

"I know so many Japanese people and even the director was Japanese!"

God these bullshit statements alone just insinuates that hey Japanese people are working with me so I can’t be doing anything wrong or racist, otherwise they’d tell me! 

Yeah because even if you’re an artist at the end of her career and desperately trying to save it, you’re still a well-known name and PoC don’t have many opportunities in this industry and will take any job that’s offered to them. This includes everyone who worked on this video. Why?

Because People of Color are easily replaced. They’re expendable. 

Oh, you don’t want to work with her cause her entire music video is racist? Whatever. We’ll just find another director/choreographer/dancer. 

That’s it. That’s literally it. That’s how it works. So we suck it up and work with these people cause the industry doesn’t value us enough and not working only harms us, not the artist.

I mean, spewing random Japanese words that have nothing to do with your song is just short of saying Ching Chong Long Ting Tong, but you know. She’s just admiring the culture. 

Sure does remind me of this skit:

This is extremely racist and insulting. I’m an Asian American. I studied Japanese for two years. I’ve yet to begin to scratch the surface of Japanese culture and etiquette and I’m not even that confident or comfortable speaking or writing it because I don’t feel as if I know enough about it to say I can speak Japanese. 

Singing random words in a language you don’t know is racist when you use it for the sake of a song that just appropriates a part of their culture so much. 

Then you have your Japanese backup dancers. They all look the same, they’re silent, and “kawaii”. 

Of course, to you dear Avril, this sure doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype of cute, obedient, and submissive Asian women girls right? They’re just too damn cute and fit your set!

God. You’re turning 30. I don’t care if you want to act childish or dress a certain way. But grow the fuck up and stop making arguments that defend your racist actions and try to justify them by name-dropping everything Japanese.

You’re not Japanese. You don’t know Japanese. You don’t know Japanese culture. Your song doesn’t “honor” or “flatter” Japanese people or Japanese culture. It perpetuates the stereotype the West already holds and you try to pass it off as being cute and creative and appreciative and dedicate it to your Japanese fans.

No. Fuck you. 

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I like how you are shaming an anon for 'speaking for all Japanese people' when you are actually doing the same thing.
fucknofetishization fucknofetishization Said:

I’m not. (If I am though, I apologize in advance and do tell me, if you’re Japanese that is.) It’s a fact. It doesn’t matter who finds it offensive, it’s what she’s doing in general is offensive. I don’t have to be Japanese to know that what she did was fucked up. -e

Asker Anonymous Asks:
is it bad that i liked the hello kitty song but i gagged at the music video?
fucknofetishization fucknofetishization Said:

You can like something problematic as long as you know it’s problematic and you don’t make excuses defending it. -e

Asker Anonymous Asks:
"Apparently if you debut at number 2 a whole ethnicity must worship you?" No, but it seems safe to say a good number of people like her music. "And its possible to like someone’s music but not agree with that said persons’ actions and the person themselves" Absolutely. But at the end of the day dollars (or yen) talks. I know you're just looking for a reason to be offended because it gives you a sense of purpose but you really are being a bit dense about this matter.
fucknofetishization fucknofetishization Said:

I like how you keep dodging what I’m saying while continuing to speak for Japanese people. Why are you defending a 30 year old weaboo anyway? I’m embarrassed for you.🙊 -e

Ps. Yes money does play a factor in it. Just because she did this video with Japanese people doesn’t mean they’re ok with it. Shit if I was paid a good deal of money to just dance behind an irrelevant mediocre white girl musician I’d do it too, with the same expression too as those girls in the video. You do whatever it takes to put food on the table sometimes.

she’s turning 30 this year


she’s turning 30 this year

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