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A call out blog here to tell people to stop fetishizing PoC (People of Color)

[DISCLAIMER:] This blog sometimes posts things that contain but not limited to rape, abuse, racial slurs, racism, etc. However we do tag our offending posts with trigger warnings.

This blog is not against interracial relationships. It is against fetishization. Fetishization does not equal love.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
quick question, is "sp*c" considered a slur against portuguese and spanish people too cause i'm spanish and i've been called it, and so have my portuguese friends and I've read somewhere it is.
fucknofetishization fucknofetishization Said:

It’s a slur directed at people who are or appear latinx so yeah it could be used against Portuguese and Spaniards. -e

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi..I was wondering why you make it seem that anything a person may find attractive about an Asian racist. For example: the slanted eyes of a Chinese person. I find my the shape of my boyfriend's eyes attractive but it doesn't mean I'm fetishizing over him.HE JUST HAS NICE EYES. It's just the same as saying oh look at that white girl with pretty eyes or that black guy has pretty eyes..You guys make it seem like every single compliment has to do with fetishization. Why?
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You must be new here. -e


these are the types of asian&white dudes that stay adding me n all my cute black female friends on facebook.

just cause they say they here for sistas, dont really mean they here for sistas.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but this does seem more like a fetish.

In the first post picture he openly says that if his girlfriend breaks up with him it doesn’t matter because he has black women waiting for him. If his girlfriend is black it’s even worse. He just told her “I don’t care if you break up with me, because there are a million other black women just like you waiting to be in an asian man/black woman relationship”, adding “jk” doesn’t erase his words. He acting like it doesn’t matter which black woman it is, because we are all the “same”.

You also said that he stans (stalker fan) for you and your other black friends… He’s probably stanning for other black women as well. He called black women “African goddesses” THAT is a word many Fetishizers use to describe black women, I know because I have been fetishized by older men who have tried to entice me by calling me “Nubian queen” “African queen” “Egyptian goddess”. Surprise surprise! Not ever black woman was born in Africa. Another red flag.

Lastly, he says black people often think he’s black and that he’s going to ‘troll’ (which in modern terms means to trick or annoy) these mofos “mother fuckers”. Now why would anyone call a group they love and respect ‘mother fuckers’?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating and having interest in someone out of your own race; it’s good to go outside of your comfort box and explore who you are. Love doesn’t have a fixed setting. Many people find love and Mary men outside of their own race. You just cannot equate every person of a race to one man/woman you date. People are not monolithic.

- Susie the moderator
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Honestly, this is too gray an issue to really be on either side wholly about. It's terrible that this sort of thing happened to them, but profiling is wrong, but at the same time, survival instinct, but at the same time, racism feeds into more racism, BUT AT THE SAME TIME, it's almost forgivable to not be willing to be around them after that especially at a young age? It's just too murky waters to really be right 100% of the way either way. I'd say just let the submitter decide for themselves.
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With a numerous amount of things, however, Apocalypto is my most recent obsession.

A couple months ago I saw it on IFC and this movie really effected me.

I now have a savage fetish.

I now appreciate south/central/north American natives a lot more.

My fiancée is native amaerican mixed with…

We are discussed.

To call your fiancé a “savage”? That is not love.
Calling him a ‘savage’ is nothing short of dehumanization. Savages are considered ‘subhuman’. You do not love your fiancé, you FETISHIZE him, with that being said I hope he sees your ignorant post.

I’m not sure how many times we’ll have to say this but….

Having a racial fetish is just another form of extreme racism. NEVER TAKE FLATTERY TO RACIAL FETISHIZATION. You do not view them as a human being, but and object; just a sex toy. Something for your pleasure and their pleasure is not needed in your ideal relationship. Any member of that race will do.

- Susie the Moderator

The sexualisation of Indigenous women has been and continues today to one of the means by which white males exercise their control and reinforce their white privileged position in Australian society. The black female body has been represented in the West as an icon of sexual deviance since the 18th century. White men sexualised Australian society by inscribing onto Indigenous women’s bodies a narrative of sexualisation separated from whiteness.

Indigenous women’s presence in predominately white social domains is often consciously or unconsciously interpreted by white men as signalling sexual availability. Although white women may be propositioned in the same space, their whiteness means that they will not be approached as often and a rebuff is likely to be interpreted as an insult to the male’s ego rather than as a challenge to the white patriarchal supremacy

Aileen Moreton-Robinson, Talkin’ Up to the White Woman. University of Queensland Press, Brisbane, 2000. (via wocinsolidarity)

(via wocinsolidarity)

Asker kimahelite9 Asks:
Hi, I love this blog. I have learned so much and wish to learn more in the future! I really like Japanese culture and have studied on it and throughout the years of watching anime I've noticed that many of the female characters are either loose, timid, submissive and/or are really oversexualized (especially in Hentai). Do you think that Japanese media plays a part in the fetishization of Japanese women?
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And perhaps you should ask thisisnotjapan. -e

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I was also raped by a Latino man and while I do not have issues with seeing all Latinos as the same way, I will have an adverse reaction to seeing or hearing (and he did have an accent) someone who reminds me of my rapist and they may or may not be Latino themselves. I think it's important to remember that we are affected by PTSD though. However, it is no excuse if someone is using their PTSD as a cover for racism.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
RE: Anon with the Latino problem: I have the exact same issue. From 7-8 years old I was abused by an older Latino man and actually have panic attacks when I see one who looks like him or hear one with the same accent. I feel awful because I know not all Latino men are like him but, as much as I try to force myself not to feel that way, I feel like I will always be afraid of Latino men. Original anon is not alone in this!
fucknofetishization fucknofetishization Said:

:/ just remember not all Latinos look a certain way. For all you know you could’ve mistaken someone who was not latino as a Latino. And that goes for everyone else who was abused by someone of a particular background. -e