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A call out blog here to tell people to stop fetishizing PoC (People of Color)

[DISCLAIMER:] This blog sometimes posts things that contain but not limited to rape, abuse, racial slurs, racism, etc. However we do tag our offending posts with trigger warnings.

This blog is not against interracial relationships. It is against fetishization. Fetishization does not equal love.


UK - I’m from the UK, and here we have a couple music festivals around this time of year, and I was lucky enough to get to go to one (reading fest). Whilst there I got drinking with some fellow campers, both friends and strangers, and it was great up until this man told me I was ‘well fit’(supposed british compliment). He repeatedly told me I was just his type. When I asked what his type was, he smugly grinned and said he ‘loves a bit of caramel’ (I’m biracial, mums white dads black). I asked him politely not to fetishize me on my colour and continued to chat with the other campers. He kept stating his love for my skin colour, asking me how it felt to be the most ‘perfect and f//kable type of creature’ in existence and telling me he didn’t ‘get em as exotic’ as myself where he was from as if I was some sort of expensive animal. He then proceeded to be hurt when I told him I had no interest in sleeping with him, as if him saying all these things based purely on my damn melanin percentage were such a mass compliment. I don’t know how to deal with these people, and it’s honestly making me feel less like a person and more like some form of collectors item every time it happens

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I just wanted to know the different PoC that run this blog, like the descents
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I’m mod c and I’m Asian (Southeast Asian, to be exact, Susie is black, and mod e is latina.


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u cant tell me you never liked a white girl in your life. dont believe that for a sec. asian men prefer white girls because we look like dolls and have the cutest complexion. you cant look at a regular white girl and tell me she isnt cuter then a regular asian girl or black girl that want to look white anywaey lol
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Uh huh

The average white girl.. is cuter than the average Asian or Black girl? Is that what you just said?



You’re serious.


Well. I mean. 

Let’s look at Interpals for a second at your regular white girl.


Posing with azn snacks




Orange is my favorite color in dolls


Doll like features..


Cutest complexion.. 


Well this is attractive

Wow yeah I can see how the “regular white girl” is the cutest wow look at those doll like features

That totally doesn’t make my dick shrink and then hide inside of me thanks white cracker anon for showing me the error of my ways wow bye

lmao white asiaphile girls are truly mad that this asian guy here despises asian fetishism and white women lmaaao not every asian guy is self hating and worships white women. 


quit telling koreans you like kpop. that shit not cute

why is a black woman speaking for korean people?

she is speaking to kpop fans as a kpop fan not to pester koreans with their koreabooness, Kpop fans calling out other kpop fans is ok, just as long as they dont speak over koreans which she didnt. 


Can people seriously not see why the whole “I’m not attracted to black people” concept is racist

Like, okay, nobody’s denying you your right to have preferences, but:

  1. Your preferences are not immune to being racist, and
  2. There is no reason other than racism for your preference to unilaterally rule out everyone of a specific race

Like, I dare you to come up with an answer to “what is it about black people you aren’t attracted to” that isn’t racist? What is the thing that all black people have, that nobody other than black people has, that’s a dealbreaker for you?

I’ll give you a hint: If your answer to that question implies that there is something both universal and exclusive to black people other than “they are black,” then that’s what we call a “racial stereotype” which is kind of textbook racist, and if your answer to “what is it about black people you aren’t attracted to” was “they are black,” then I’m not really sure what further explanation you need beyond the fact that you just said the thing you don’t like about black people is that they’re black. 

Like, I get that you might prefer some physical characteristics over others, and whatever, that’s a different conversation for a different post, but just say that. There is no characteristic, physical or otherwise, that is universal or exclusive to any one race. If you met someone who had every trait you find attractive in a person, and was black, and you still ruled them out because they were black, then yes, that is racist.

Stop throwing up a “you can’t find everyone attractive” argument because you are fighting against the scarecrow version of the argument everyone else is actually making. No one is saying you can, or should, find everyone attractive. Nobody wants you to find everyone attractive. That would be exhausting for everyone involved. 

What people do want is for you to stop saying you like one race less than all the others and then pretend anyone who calls you out on your racism is just shaming your preferences. Your preferences are racist, which means they don’t need anyone else’s help to be shameful.

And yes, by saying “I don’t find black people attractive,” you are saying you like black people less than everyone else, because you like everyone else enough that you’re attracted to them on a case-by-case basis, but all you need to hear is “black” and they’re not even an option.


Indian and pissed off
I may only be 5’2”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put the fear of god in white people who say ignorant shit like “you’re so exotic!” and “you’re pretty for an indian” 
I hope y’all intimidate a lot of white people on this AFAD!


Indian and pissed off

I may only be 5’2”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put the fear of god in white people who say ignorant shit like “you’re so exotic!” and “you’re pretty for an indian” 

I hope y’all intimidate a lot of white people on this AFAD!




The stringent criteria for a definition of the word “racism”

by Joseph R. Barndt in Understanding and Dismantling Racism

Oh hey, look, the REAL definition of racism


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stop using people of color as google 2k14

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Why is it that you can say how sexy or cute a black, white, Hispanic person is, but the moment you say it about an Asian you’re automatically “fetishizing” them?
Ugh. Idiots.

This may come as a surprise to you, but all that you mentioned? That’s fetishization. 

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are you a fetishizer of Asian women? if so I am incredibly disappointed
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hahaha “fetishizer”.

I dont think so??
I just like Asian women.

Yeah, that makes you a fetishist, sorry to break the news.